A Legend of The Untouchable Flying Temples


(For every honest heart)


Walking in the long channel of Shijo subway in Kyoto

I found myself is like Ontorejo* from Javanese legend world

But I couldn’t emerge to the surface of the earth

While the channel seemed to be the road with no end


I suddenly saw people walking around me change

Their heart was like a lonely rock in the middle of silent sands

Their kimono were waving to me while they were flying

Then they quickly disappeared in the clouded end


I felt myself like a man being entrapped in a dark world

Kept on walking and climbing on the road with no end

I felt my hand warm but I found nothing in

Only the trace of a dream of touching one of them


*Seri lama puisi tentang Jepang The Untouchable World of Japan: Some Lyrical and and Reflective Poems

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