Thousands of Year of Dreaming

It has been already thousands of year since the first time I met you

In one of the garden located in the country of heaven we were for the first time born

Being attacked by millions of the beasts from where everything being burn

We were separated and I was entrapped in thousands of year of longing


I then lived in a country where everything founded from pieces of dream

Everything seemed so beautiful but it’s never been able to touch the land

So, in between the ruin of the pieces of dream on the ground

I was always living in the trap of longing for something or someone

Sometimes it was like our past world in the country of heaven

Where everything is always certain, ordered, and in a peaceful silence


It was the world always coming in every bright room of my dream

But every night I could never be able to fall in a well sleeping

Cause below the beautiful place of the floating dream

The land was always dark, full of mosquitoes, beasts, and frightening sounds

No father, mother, police could make them silence

I was just a child thrown out from the world so distance

Always longing for something or someone that no body can understand


The kings in the country was always in war for the reason of subjective passion

They mobilize the beasts in a condition to give their own people to be eaten

The frightening sound then was always passing in every corner of the towns

Entering and disturbing all of the rooms where children need a little dream

All of the inhabitants were forced to work hard outside without clear instruction

But if they were supposed to make a mistake choice the cruel sentence threatened


Cause they knew I came from other world in an unknown distance

They permitted me living in a small place located so high from the land

And they prayed of me in order to get any kinds of magic thing

But they always disturbed me in order not to fly to the country I came from

So I then dreamed on everything while I was fully waken

And painting the dream with whatever and in whatever thing I could find

It is in the paintings that I kept all of my memory about us while in heaven

And I just found the real after meeting you and staying two months in Japan


At the first time I saw you again and held your hand

You were still like before while living in our world in heaven

The whole of your past existence was still safely kept in all of the paintings

And I could also read about it in your short black hair one by one


In the corner of your eyes I kept every beautiful thing I have ever found

It is your smiling making the hope have never vanished or been being burnt

It is the way you walk giving me a power to keep on walking in the road so silence

Your fine skin brought me back straight and slightly to heaven

And it is your voice making me have never fallen down to a dirty land

I have never felt alone while traveling town by town of Japan

I always saw your shadow smiling in everything, everywhere, every time

And while reading the map in my hand in every bus station

I heard your voice guiding me to the safe place that I’d find


And now approaching the time of my return

Time is coming like the beast with a very cruel hand

Day by day I am treated like a punishment

Waiting the beasts throwing out myself into the dark island

It is the island that have entrapped me for very long time

It is the island that have separated me from heaven


And in the time that will be coming soon

I will be living only with a floating dream

The life will be the endless days of waiting

The life will be the endless days of longing

I am not sure whether I will still have a self-confident

Living like in the past accompanied only by paintings

I think I have already been to old with a fragile bone

Maybe I will have already been the ash in the blowing wind

Before finishing thousands of year of dreaming


On you

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