The Japanese Wrap

For the beauty child in Shinjuku


Living in Japanese country

I feel myself wrapped with so many greetings

I don’t know what the greetings mean

But I feel myself laid down in a so peaceful world


All people look so care of me

Do not let me to be fallen and hurt

I then feel like a small thing

I bought in a small store of a town

And being wrapped in the so beautiful paper

I feel myself have a dignity


I remember my Javanese world and people

We also used to greet other with some polite words

But we never succeed in wrapping things in so closed way

We wrap in a looser one in order to open every time we want


Living in Japanese country

I feel myself being in the so perfect and complete world

I cannot differentiate any more the word and the heart

So I may get both of them or entrapped in the empty wrap

*Seri lama puisi tentang Jepang, The Untouchable World of Japan: Some Lyrical and and Reflective Poems

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